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At Home Buy Design, we're excited to showcase one of the newest loans available in St. Louis. The Fannie Mae HomeStyle Design Plus allows our home buyers to buy a home in the Jumbo Mortgage range with only 5% down with the best feature being NO MORTGAGE INSURANCE...That's like a free bathroom or two (well, not really, but you're not throwing your money away at mortgage insurance, instead you can put it into improving your home).  

Here are some of the qualifications of Design Plus to help you determine whether or not its the right fit for you. 

Fanne Mae HomeStyle Design Plus - Loan Specifications

  • - Conventional Loan
  • - Piggy Back 1st/2nd Mortgage (80/15)
  • - Rates and Amortization Match- Up to $624,000 for non medical industry and $724,000 for those in the medical industry TOTAL ~ Purchase & Renovation) Renovation costs are limited to 50% of As-Completed Value
  • - Cosmetic, Structural & Luxury renovations allowed
  • - Owner-Occupied / 2nd Homes / Investors
  • - 5% Down for Own/Occ. 10% for 2nd Home. 15-25% For Investors

Is The Design Plus Right For You?

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At Home Buy Design, we are a full concierge, project management, design and build in the construction of the FHA 203K, Fannie Mae HomeStyle and Jumbo Renovation Loans.

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