Want to invest in Real Estate but don't know where to begin? Our team has renovated over 150 homes in the St. Louis market and have worked with dozens of real estate agents to make it all happen. Below are the steps to get you started on the path of Fix & Flips. 

Step # 1 -  Decide How Much Capital You Want To Invest

Step #2 - Determine Your Exit Strategy

Step #3 - Be Ready To Start As Soon As Step 1 & 2 Are Determined

Once you've made it through steps 1 through 3, the fun part starts. We at Home Buy Design, have worked with investors all over the world to help them get their foothold in real estate and to begin building a portfolio you can use for passive income, or sell for cash to continue to Fix & Flip.

Ready To Invest?

Your path to investing starts here. Fill out the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours. You will also receive an email on How to Avoid the top 7 New Real Estate Investor Mistakes.

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At Home Buy Design, we are a multi-service company who BUYS, REPAIRS, MANAGES, and SELLS HOMES while focusing on providing you with Fast, Friendly, and Flexible service.

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