At Home Buy Design, we belive that its important to build a rental portfolio. Passive income is one of the best ways to get out of and stay out of the rat race whether it be in a down economy or bustling one. 

We work with local wholesalers, private property owners, property managers,, real estate agents, and nationwide privately and publicly traded capital groups that hold assets that are looking to buy, sell or trade, giving you optimal resources to buy, sell, or trade your real estate needs to achieve your goals. 

One of the biggest mistakes new rental owners make is managing their own property. With Renatus as the exceptional educational background, you'll learn how to manage your property manager, not your property. This will give you the ability to scale your business. Click on the links below to learn more about our Preferred Property Manager as well as Renatus! 

Invest in yourself and in Hard Assets...Real Estate!

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At Home Buy Design, we are a full concierge, project management, design and build in the construction of the FHA 203K, Fannie Mae HomeStyle and Jumbo Renovation Loans.

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